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Welcome to Suraj Narayan Pareek Women's TT College

Suraj Narayan Pareek College was founded by wife of  Lt. Sh. Suraj Narayan Pareek Advocate. Born on 20th Sept. 1935, he was a renowned lawyer of Board of Revenue, and High Court of Rajasthan Jaipur and Jodhpur and was very well known among his opposition parties of lawyers and farmers. He was kind hearted and had done a lot of work in the field of Girl's education, helping poor and uplifting needy people of society. He also helped poor farmers of Rajasthan by fighting on their behalf and bringing beneficiary laws like Zamindari Biswadari Abolition Act 1959 and Zamindari Biswadari Kashtkari Adhinium, publication of Rajasthan Revenue Digest 1959-1970 and many more.

He started his career as a lawyer in Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur in the year 1956 and in the year 1958 at Board of Revenue Rajasthan,  Ajmer. He continued his practice in both the cities from Feb 1977. He was the Vice President of the Rajasthan Revenue Board, Ajmer from 1962-78 and also of Bar Association, Ajmer. He was a member of Bar Council of Rajasthan. During his tenure as a lawyer, he fought to get Zamindari Biswadari Abolition Act 1959 passed. Pareek Parijaat a social magazine about Pareek Samaj. He was Legal Advisor in the formation and Publication of Local Laws. Later on he worked as an Editor of Rajasthan Revenue Decisions and Rajasthan Revenue Digest 1959-1970, Advisory member of the team of Western law Cases and many papers.

Many young Lawyers had undergone training under him. They are doing tremendously well in their respective fields. Among them Mahesh Phulwani (Michael) is working as Law attorney in the United States, Sherry Barucha as Supreme Court Lawyer, UP Mathur a Member in Board of Revenue Rajasthan,  Ajmer, Ex Vice President of BJP Ajmer Division Purna Shankar Dashora, Ramesh Pareek Adv, Raj Kumar Pareek, L S Mathur and many more some are practicing in Raj Rev Board and Raj High Court Jaipur. His son-in-law Raj Naryan Pareek is practicing in Alwar district, one daughter Jyoti Pareek is a successful first female lawyer  and first President in Board of Revenue Ajmer and Rajasthan High Court Jaipur and he was proud father of four sons all are successful and experienced lawyers Bhanu Prakash Pareek and Pawan Pareek are practicing in High Court Jaipur, Satish Pareek and Sunil Pareek practicing in Board of Revenue Rajasthan,  Ajmer and Raj Appellate Authority.

Suraj Narayan Pareek had been Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh Mahanagar Sangh Chalak till 2000. He was a Member of Jaipur Development Authority in 1994. He was also the Zila Mantri and Vice President of JanSangh(present Bhartiya Janta Party) and other Government Run Societies.

He worked with the prestigious Mayo College, Ajmer as a Legal Advisor and also with Rajputana’s Royal families like Maharaja Bhawani Singh Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kumbhalgarh, Bikaner and many more. He also worked with Keshav Vidhyapeeth, Jamdoli, Hindustan Copper Ltd Khetri, Indian Oil and Bharat petroleum, Food Corporation of India and many other International companies. Later on he worked on many posts in Pareek Samaj Pushkar, Duddu, and Jaipur. Later he worked as an Administrator of Shri Swaroop Govind Pareek College and concern Group of institutions, JAIPUR from the year 1972 – 1989 and 1994-1998 and was Founder of SSG Pareek Girls College Chomu.

After his demise in the year 2000, the social work left by him was carried forward by his wife Late Malti Devi Pareek.


Malti Devi Pareek fulfilled his long cherished dream by opening Girls B. Ed College in Pushkar (Ajmer). Being a housewife she developed many ways to spread awareness about education in everyone's life whosever comes into touch with she always strongly recommended education for each and every girl. She was dedicated her life in supporting her husband in every aspect of life. She herself was full believer in girls education and bring her daughters to get good education and become independent. She also done many social works without knowing to anybody silently by helping needy ones, establishing their place, business and in many ways, She was a real Soul mate of S N Pareek in the true sense, by becoming his support system in every face of life and fulfilled all her duties with dedication either at home by taking care of large Joint family or in the society